"Lords of the Sky" Reception

Lynn Blodgett is a COLLECTIVE client and talented Salt Lake local. And, oh, we get all tingly and proud when our locals nab some national [and well-deserved] attention. As one might rightly guess, this isn’t a first for Lynn in his varied photography accomplishments. It’s just his latest.

The “Lords of the Sky” exhibit, happening at the George Billis Gallery in New York City, is “an effort to share the power and splendor of some of nature’s most wonderful creations,” says Lynn. “The birds are works of art when observed in person and I hope the photographs are fit representations of that art.” For any west-siders lucky enough to find themselves on the opposing coast, the exhibit runs through July 20th. For everyone else, here’s a sneak peek of what we’re missing. Take a look at Lynn's "Lords of the Sky" portfolio and feel the pride. A COLLECTIVE tip of our hat to Lynn and his work.